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WorldWatch Reports

  1. WorldWatch Paper 1: The Other Energy Crisis: Firewood by Erik Eckholm
  2. WorldWatch Paper 2: The Politics and Responsibility of the North American Breadbasket by Lester R. Brown
  3. WorldWatch Paper 3: Women in Politics: A Global Review by Kathleen Newland
  4. WorldWatch Paper 6: Nuclear Power: The Fifth Horseman by Denis Hayes
  5. WorldWatch Paper 8: World Population Trends: Signs of Hope, Signs of Stress by Lester R. Brown
  6. WorldWatch Paper 9: The Two Faces of Malnutrition by Erik Eckholm, Frank Record
  7. WorldWatch Paper 10: Health: The Family Planning Factor by Erik Eckholm, Kathleen Newland
  8. WorldWatch Paper 11: Energy: The Solar Prospect by Denis Hayes
  9. WorldWatch Paper 12: Filling the Family Planning Gap by Bruce Stokes
  10. WorldWatch Paper 13: Spreading Deserts-- The Hand of Man by Erik Eckholm, Lester R. Brown
  11. WorldWatch Paper 14: Redefining National Security by Lester R. Brown
  12. WorldWatch Paper 15: Energy for Development : Third World Options by Denis Hayes
  13. WorldWatch Paper 16: Women and Population Growth: Choice Beyond Childbearing by Kathleen Newland
  14. WorldWatch Paper 17: Local Responses to Global Problems: A Key to Meeting Basic Human Needs by Bruce Stokes
  15. WorldWatch Paper 18: Cutting Tobacco's Toll by Erik Eckholm
  16. WorldWatch Paper 19: The Solar Energy Timetable by Denis Hayes
  17. WorldWatch Paper 20: The Global Economic Prospect: New Sources of Economic Stress by Lester R. Brown
  18. WorldWatch Paper 21: Soft Technologies, Hard Choices by Colin Norman
  19. WorldWatch Paper 22: Disappearing Species : The Social Challenge by Erik P. Eckholm
  20. WorldWatch Paper 23: Repairs, Reuse, Recycling : First Steps Toward a Sustainable Society by Denis Hayes
  21. WorldWatch Paper 24: The Worldwide Loss of Cropland by Lester R. Brown
  22. WorldWatch Paper 25: Worker Participation - Productivity and the Quality of Work Life by Bruce Stokes
  23. WorldWatch Paper 26: Planting for the Future: Forestry for Human Needs by Erik Eckholm
  24. WorldWatch Paper 27: Pollution: The Neglected Dimensions by Denis Hayes
  25. WorldWatch Paper 28: Global Employment and Economic Justice: The Policy Challenge by Kathleen Newland
  26. WorldWatch Paper 29: Resource Trends and Population Policy : A Time for Reassessment by Lester R. Brown
  27. WorldWatch Paper 30: The Dispossessed of the Earth: Land reform and Sustainable Development by Erik Eckholm
  28. WorldWatch Paper 31: Knowledge and Power : The Global Research and Development Budget by Colin Norman
  29. WorldWatch Paper 32: The Future of the Automobile in an Oil-Short World by Lester R. Brown, Christopher Flavin, and Colin Norman
  30. WorldWatch Paper 33: International Migration: The Search For Work by Kathleen Newland
  31. WorldWatch Paper 34: Inflation: The Rising Cost of Living on a Small Planet by Robert Fuller
  32. WorldWatch Paper 35: Food or Fuel: New Competition for the World's Cropland by Lester R. Brown
  33. WorldWatch Paper 36: The Future of Synthetic Materials: The Petroleum Connection by Christopher Flavin
  34. WorldWatch Paper 37: Women, Men and the Division of Labor by Kathleen Newland
  35. WorldWatch Paper 38: City Limits: Emerging Constraints on Urban Growth by Kathleen Newland
  36. WorldWatch Paper 39: Microelectronics at Work : Productivity and Jobs in the World Economy by Colin Norman
  37. WorldWatch Paper 40: Energy and Architecture: The Solar and Conservation Potential by Christopher Flavin
  38. WorldWatch Paper 41: Men and Family Planning by Bruce Stokes
  39. WorldWatch Paper 42: Wood: An Ancient Fuel with a New Future by Nigel Smith
  40. WorldWatch Paper 43: Refugees: The New International Politics of Displacement by Kathleen Newland
  41. WorldWatch Paper 44: Rivers of Energy: Harnessing the Hydropower Potential by Daniel Deudney
  42. WorldWatch Paper 45: Wind Power: A Turning Point by Christopher Flavin
  43. WorldWatch Paper 46: Global Housing Prospects: The Resource Constraints by Bruce Stokes
  44. WorldWatch Paper 47: Infant Mortality and the Health of Societies by Kathleen Newland
  45. WorldWatch Paper 48: Six Steps to a Sustainable Society by Lester R. Brown and Pamela Shaw
  46. WorldWatch Paper 49: Productivity: The New Economic Context by Kathleen Newland
  47. WorldWatch Paper 50: Space: The High Frontier in Perspective by Daniel Deudney
  48. WorldWatch Paper 51: U.S. and Soviet Agriculture: The Shifting Balance of Power by Lester R. Brown
  49. WorldWatch Paper 52: Electricity from Sunlight : The Future of Photovoltaics by Christopher Flavin
  50. WorldWatch Paper 53: Population Policies for a New Economic Era by Lester R. Brown
  51. WorldWatch Paper 54: Promoting Population Stabilization: Incentives for Small Families by Judith Jacobsen
  52. WorldWatch Paper 55: Whole Earth Security: A Geopolitics of Peace by Daniel Deudney
  53. WorldWatch Paper 56: Materials Recycling: The Virtue of Necessity by William U. Chandler
  54. WorldWatch Paper 57: Nuclear Power: The Market Test by Christopher Flavin
  55. WorldWatch Paper 58: Air Pollution, Acid Rain, and the Future of Forests by Sandra Postel
  56. WorldWatch Paper 59: Improving World Health: A Least Cost Strategy by William U. Chandler
  57. WorldWatch Paper 60: Soil Erosion : Quiet Crisis in the World Economy by Lester Brown, Edward Wolf
  58. WorldWatch Paper 61: Electricity's Future : The Shift to Efficiency and Small-Scale Power by Christopher Flavin
  59. WorldWatch Paper 62: Water : Rethinking Management in an Age of Scarcity by Sandra Postel
  60. WorldWatch Paper 63: Energy Productivity : Key to Environmental Protection and Economic Progress by William U. Chandler
  61. WorldWatch Paper 64: Investing in Children by William U. Chandler
  62. WorldWatch Paper 65: Reversing Africa's Decline by Lester R. Brown, Edward C. Wolf
  63. WorldWatch Paper 66: World Oil: Coping with the Dangers of Success by Christopher Flavin
  64. WorldWatch Paper 67: Conserving Water : The Untapped Alternative by Sandra Postel
  65. WorldWatch Paper 68: Banishing Tobacco by William U. Chandler
  66. WorldWatch Paper 69: Decommissioning: Nuclear Power's Missing Link by Cynthia Pollock
  67. WorldWatch Paper 70: Electricity for a Developing World : New Directions by Christopher Flavin
  68. WorldWatch Paper 71: Altering the Earth's Chemistry: Assessing the Risks by Sandra Postel
  69. WorldWatch Paper 72: Changing Role of the Market in National Economies by William U. Chandler
  70. WorldWatch Paper 73: Beyond the Green Revolution: New Approaches for Third World Agriculture by Edward C. Wolf
  71. WorldWatch Paper 74: Our Demographically Divided World by Lester Brown, Jodi Jacobson
  72. WorldWatch Paper 75: Reassessing Nuclear Power : The Fallout from Chernobyl by Christopher Flavin
  73. WorldWatch Paper 76: Mining Urban Wastes : The Potential for Recycling by Cynthia Pollock
  74. WorldWatch Paper 77: The Future of Urbanization: Facing The Ecological and Economic Constraints by Lester R. Brown, Jodi L. Jacobson
  75. WorldWatch Paper 78: On the Brink of Extinction: Conserving the Diversity of Life by Edward C. Wolf
  76. WorldWatch Paper 79: Defusing the Toxics Threat: Controlling Pesticides and Industrial Waste by Sandra Postel
  77. WorldWatch Paper 80: Planning the Global Family by Jodi L. Jacobson
  78. WorldWatch Paper 81: Renewable Energy: Today's Contribution, Tomorrow's Promise by Cynthia Pollock Shea
  79. WorldWatch Paper 82: Building on Success: The Age of Energy Efficiency by Christopher Flavin
  80. WorldWatch Paper 83: Reforesting the Earth by Sandra Pastel
  81. WorldWatch Paper 84: Rethinking the Role of the Automobile by Michael Renner
  82. WorldWatch Paper 85: The Changing World Food Prospect: The Nineties and Beyond by Lester R. Brown
  83. WorldWatch Paper 86: Environmental Refugees: A Yardstick of Habitability by Jodi L. Jacobson
  84. WorldWatch Paper 87: Protecting Life on Earth: Steps to Save the Ozone Layer by Cynthia Pollock Shea
  85. WorldWatch Paper 88: Action at the Grassroots: Fighting Poverty and Environmental Decline by Alan B. Durning
  86. WorldWatch Paper 89: National Security: The Economic and Environmental Dimensions by Michael Renner
  87. WorldWatch Paper 90: The Bicycle: Vehicle for a Small Planet by Marcia D. Lowe
  88. WorldWatch Paper 91: Slowing Global Warming by Christopher Flavin
  89. WorldWatch Paper 92: Poverty and the Environment : Reversing the Downward Spiral by Alan Durning
  90. WorldWatch Paper 93: Water for Agriculture : Facing the Limits by Sandra Postel
  91. WorldWatch Paper 94: Clearing the Air : A Global Agenda by Hilary F. French
  92. WorldWatch Paper 95: Apartheid's Environmental Toll by Alan R. Durning
  93. WorldWatch Paper 96: Swords into Plowshares : Converting to a Peace Economy by Michael Renner
  94. WorldWatch Paper 97: The Global Politics of Abortion by Jodi L. Jacobson
  95. WorldWatch Paper 98: Alternatives to the Automobile: Transport for Livable Cities by Marcia D. Lowe
  96. WorldWatch Paper 99: Green Revolutions: Environmental Reconstruction in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union by Hilary F. French
  97. WorldWatch Paper 100: Beyond the Petroleum Age : Designing a Solar Economy by Christopher Flavin
  98. WorldWatch Paper 101: Discarding the Throwaway Society by John E. Young
  99. WorldWatch Paper 102: Women's Reproductive Health : The Silent Emergency by Jodi L. Jacobson
  100. WorldWatch Paper 103: Taking Stock : Animal Farming and the Environment by Alan B. Durning
  101. WorldWatch Paper 104: Jobs in a Sustainable Economy by Michael Renner
  102. WorldWatch Paper 105: Shaping Cities: The Environmental and Human Dimensions by Marcia D. Lowe
  103. WorldWatch Paper 106: Nuclear Waste: The Problem That Won't Go Away by Nicholas Lenssen
  104. WorldWatch Paper 107: After the Earth Summit: The Future of Environmental Governance by Hilary F. French
  105. WorldWatch Paper 108: Life Support : Conserving Biological Diversity by John C. Ryan, Ed Ayres (Editor)
  106. WorldWatch Paper 109: Mining The Earth by John E. Young
  107. WorldWatch Paper 110: Gender Bias : Roadblock to Sustainable Development by Jodi L. Jacobson, Ed Ayres
  108. WorldWatch Paper 111: Empowering Development : The New Energy Equation by Nicholas Lenssen, Ed Ayres(Editor)
  109. WorldWatch Paper 112: Guardians of the Land : Indigenous Peoples and the Health of the Earth by Alan Thein Durning, Ed Ayres (editor)
  110. WorldWatch Paper 113: Costly Tradeoffs : Reconciling Trade and the Environment by Hilary F. French
  111. WorldWatch Paper 114: Critical Juncture : The Future of Peacemaking by Michael Renner
  112. WorldWatch Paper 115: Global Network: Computers in a Sustainable Society by John E. Young
  113. WorldWatch Paper 116: Abandoned Seas: Reversing the Decline of the Oceans by Weber
  114. WorldWatch Paper 117: Saving the Forests : What Will It Take? by Alan Thein Durning, Carole Douglis
  115. WorldWatch Paper 118: Back on Track: The Global Rail Revival by Marcia D. Lowe
  116. WorldWatch Paper 119: Powering the Future : Blueprint for a Sustainable Energy Industry by Christopher Flavin, N. Lenssen
  117. WorldWatch Paper 120: Net Loss : Fish, Jobs, and the Marine Environment by Peter Weber
  118. WorldWatch Paper 121: The Next Efficiency Revolution : Creating a Sustainable Materials Economy by John E. Young, et al
  119. WorldWatch Paper 122: Budgeting for Disarmament : The Costs of War and Peace by Renner
  120. WorldWatch Paper 123: High Priorities: Conserving Mountain Ecosystems and Cultures by Derek Denniston
  121. WorldWatch Paper 124: A Building Revolution: How Ecology and Health Concerns Are Transforming Construction by David Malin Roodman and Nicholas Lenssen
  122. WorldWatch Paper 125: The Hour of Departure: Forces that Create Refugees and Migrants by Hal Kane
  123. WorldWatch Paper 126: Partnership for the Planet: An Environmental Agenda for the United Nations by Hilary F. French
  124. WorldWatch Paper 127: Eco-Justice: Linking Human Rights and the Environment by Aaron Sachs
  125. WorldWatch Paper 128: Imperiled Waters, Impoverished Future: The Decline of Freshwater Ecosystems by Janet N. Abramovitz
  126. WorldWatch Paper 129: Infecting Ourselves: How Environmental and Social Disruptions Trigger Disease by Anne E. Platt
  127. WorldWatch Paper 130: Climate of Hope: New Strategies for Stabilizing the World's Atmosphere by Christopher Flavin and Odil Tunali
  128. WorldWatch Paper 131: Shrinking Fields: Cropland Loss in a World of Eight Billion by Gary Gardner
  129. WorldWatch Paper 132: Dividing the Waters: Food Security, Ecosystem Health, and the New Politics of Scarcity by Sandra Postel
  130. WorldWatch Paper 133: Paying the Piper: Subsidies, Politics, and the Environment by David Malin Roodman
  131. WorldWatch Paper 134: Getting the Signals Right: Tax Reform to Protect the Environment and the Economy by David Malin Roodman
  132. WorldWatch Paper 135: Recycling Organic Waste: From Urban Pollutant to Farm Resource by Gary Gardner
  133. WorldWatch Paper 136: The Agricultural Link: How Environmental Deterioration Could Disrupt Economic Progress by Lester R. Brown
  134. WorldWatch Paper 137: Small Arms, Big Impact: The Next Challenge of Disarmament by Michael Renner
  135. WorldWatch Paper 138: Rising Sun, Gathering Winds: Policies to Stabilize the Climate and Strengthen Economies by Christopher Flavin and Seth Dunn
  136. WorldWatch Paper 140: Taking a Stand: Cultivating a New Relationship with the World's Forests by Janet N. Abramovitz
  137. WorldWatch Paper 141: Losing Strands in the Web of Life: Vertebrate Declines and the Conservation of Biological Diversity by John Tuxill
  138. WorldWatch Paper 142: Rocking the Boat: Conserving Fisheries and Protecting Jobs by Anne Platt McGinn

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