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The Snowy Plover Project -- Electric/Alternative-Fuel Vehicles

Here are some great sites to start with:
Electrifying Times, Vol. 6, No. 1&2
Preview 2000 issue subjects and web links
gleaned from the magazine by the Snowy Plover (

63600 Deschutes Market Rd., Bend OR 97701.
Bruce Meland, Editor. Phone: 541-388-1908 Fax: 541-388-2750 email:
Remy Chevalier, Assistant Editor, Environmental Library Fund, 25 Newtown Turnpike, Weston CT 06883,
Phone: 203-227-2065 email:
John Wayland, Staff Writer, E-Car, 435 ne 114TH Ave., Portland, OR 97220 Phone: 503-254-5299 email:
Wendy Petersen, Graphic Design, The Source, 704 NW Georgia, Bend, OR 97701 Phone 541-383-0800
Kris Trexler, Contributing Writer, Orange County CA email:
Marshall Houston, Portland OR email:,
John Bryan, Boise ID email:

FIAT Seicento Electric
Toyota E-COM Community Electric Vehicle
Panoz Q9 Le Mans Hybrid Racer
Toyota RAV4-EV
GM EV1, Kris Trexler’s "Charge Across America"
For info about the GM EV1, call 1.800.25ELECTRIC or visit
Dodge Intrepid ESX2
Toyota Prius HEV
Electric Lotus Elise
Luciole Firefly two-seater John Wayland test drove and wrote about it.
Ultra capacitors for regenerative braking energy capture and rapid acceleration
EVS-15 conference (10/3/98)
PEI Hybrid Drives (used in a HumVee)
Connectors at:
Nissan Altra EV is not yet (as of 22 Jan 1999) to be found at: World's first EV with Lithium Ion batteries (no Memory
Effect as in NiCads, high power density as in Laptop computers.
Daimler-Zebra A-Class Electric (Platform for multiple configurations including hybrid, EV, and more)
Citroen Electric
Ford 1999 Ranger EV
Chevy S10 Electric Pick UP
Renault Electric Clio
Toyota Prius Hybrid EV (HEV)

Cool looking book about the founder of Solectra autos (James Worden). A 'David and Goliath' story,
Title "Charging Ahead", by Joe Sherman (Oxford University Press).

Optima batteries:
Schock parts:
Auburn Scientific State of the Art Electric Vehicle Motor Speed Controllers
Trace Engineering, Power Solutions

The Norwegian "Think" electric vehicle company ( ) has been acquired by Ford Motor Co. and should get a big boost from Ford's marketing experience and financial clout.
Vectrix makes some cool EV scooters in RI 401-848-9993
Daimler-Benz Fuel Cell Car (NECAR 3).
Toyota RAV4 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

EV components and parts:
Peugeot 106 also has the Peugeot Scoot'Elec scooter.
AC Propulsion Inc. Tzero car now in limited production
Corbin Sparrow, small 3-wheeled Ev for commuters. Motorcycle class.
$12,900 qualifies to use carpool lanes since 1 rider is full capacity. 120 volt standard outlet, full charge in
6 hrs.

Lectra, Electric motorbike.

Honda EV Plus.
AVS 25 Hybrid EV Electric Bus uses a micro turbine to gen power.
Z.E.R.O.-1, EV Race Car

GM Ovonic NiMH batteries

Friends of the Earth ( ) has completed a survey that finds 70% of American voters
support "green taxes" on polluting energy sources to fund tax reductions on labor and income.
OK congress!, ball's in your court! Can the impeachment crap and do this! scooters, bicycles and "kiddie" push-scooters.

Solectria Sunrise Car 4-passenger solution developed by the ?David? from the
?David and Goliath? book above. MIT feller.

Chrysler EPIC VAN

Charger Electric Bicycles:

Electric Auto Association since 1967, publishing the "Current Events" magazine
(pun: EV in EVents). claims a new electric propulsion system that combines batteries with fuel
cells. Sounds interesting.

Bicycle power from

Electric car racing at

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